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Name:Jennifer "Jen" Tate
Location:United States of America

Jennifer Tate, or Jen as she prefers to be known as, is a main protagonist from the PlayStation 2 game called Primal. She is a human-demon hybrid. When Jennifer was born, her powers were sealed within her soul.

Jen was abducted from her home as a baby, her parents were killed during this incident. Growing up in a string of foster homes, the fate brought her to her soul mate, Lewis, almost two years ago. Since then, they have been living together, two souls more alike than either can quite comprehend.

The tattoo on her back was designed by Lewis, who told her it was an ancient rune of protection.

At the beginning of the greatest and most dangerous adventure of her lifetime, she and her boyfriend Lewis were attacked by a large nasty demon, a minion of Abaddon (an embodied force of Chaos), known as Belahzur. Lewis had been captured, but Jen remained unconscious on a hospital bed. She awoke only to find her separated from her comatose body, and approached by a small gargoyle. This being identified itself as Scree and that he was there to help her. He took her soul into the dimension of Oblivion where she learnt of the four demon worlds as well as the eternal war between the forces of Order and Chaos.

Jen was recruited to help Scree in preventing the corrupting forces of Abaddon from destroying existence. While reluctant, Scree informed her that Abaddon's minions were responsible for the capture of Lewis after which Jennifer accepted her role in the coming battle.

While trekking through the four realms, Jen had gained 4 different forms; the wild, feline-like Ferai; the aquatic, fish-like Udine; the super-fast, vampire-like Wraith; and the strongest of the four - the living metallic, volcano native creature known as Djinn.

With each demonic aspect she's gained, they came with specific weapons and abilities.

While in Ferai form, can emit earth energized claws and use them as powerful hand-to-hand weapons. She can also run a little faster, and jump to higher, previously out of reach areas.

In her Undine appearance, Jen can emit and project electric arcs from her hands, which can be used as a shield or as long electric strands to stab and whip opponents. This form also allows her to swim and breathe underwater.

As a Wraith, she can dilate time, causing her to speed up, and time to delay and slow down. She can also form an electric-based whip and short sword as weapons.

Last and certainly not least; as a Djinn, she can create blazing weapons made of fire. She can create two smaller dual-wielded swords, or one massive two-handed sword and switch easily between the two. (These weapons cause major damage against almost any opponent.)

"Tate", of Middle English origin, means "cheerful." It's well fitting to Jen's perky Goth nature.

She has a short temper and a sharp tongue, but is compassionate as well. Although her short temper can get the best of her sometimes, her heart is often in the right place. Jen is Chaotic Good. Rules and laws matter less to her than doing the right thing.

((This is a non-profit RP journal that's used for fun purposes only.))

Interests (18):

abbadon, aetha, aquis, arella, djinn, electronic music, ferai, lewis, metal, rock, sci fi/fantasy movies, scree, solum, undine, vambraces, volca, wraith, xena: warrior princess
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